More than 20 years of productivity in the media.

DCT_Digital Convergence Technology

DCT is your Ad Operation manager, from IO to Billing, From Ad Trafficking  and optimisation to Programmatic Yield Management


OTT Solutions, Live, VOD, Data Steams, Dynamic ad Insertion Direct Sold Opportunities.


Innovative IT consulting company specializing in Adtech, Cloud, and Scalability. The team is expertised on Beckend solutions, Cloud Computing developments.


World’s Fastest and The Multiservice New Generation Norvegian Adserver for Advertisers and Media.

Affinity- VEVE- One Dash.ai- mCanvas

In Affinity Group They are experts in different Adtech Solutions. Their main concerns is;

New Ad Technologies, Yield Solutions for your mobile and web sites.


Clip Flip is a real-time video enrichment technology that transform passive video content into personalized, interactive and engaging experience.


Digital sites have 25-30% of ad impression so the income lost because of Adblocking every month.